About BIFC

Financial Center of Northeast Asia, BIFC

In the Munhyeon Finance Complex, visitors can find the finance-centered housing zone. This includes the following: Busan International Finance Center, Busan Bank Head Office, Korea Technology Finance Corporation, BOK Busan Head Office, and more. Along with commercial zones for cafe, food, etc., a nature park (tree-lined streets) providing people with respite from urban life.

부산 국제금융센터 전경

BIFC has attracted major finance institutions including The Korea Exchange, The Korea Asset Management Corporation, Korea Southern Power, The Korea Housing Finance Corporation, The Korea Securities Depository, The Korea Housing & Urban Guarantee Corporation, The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, etc. These institutes have become a foothold for us to become the hub of marine and derivative finance in Northeast Asia.

  • basic
    A landmark that symbolizes the center of the finance industry in Northeast Asia
  • Intelligence
    A finance complex featuring intelligence facilities and various benefits
  • Future
    A driving force promoting local development in collaboration with Busan. Korea's top financial infrastructure
  • Confidence
    A finance space that will foster global confidence by leading the world economy
BIFC 63빌딩

BIFC 63Building (181,359㎡)

BIFC, the main office tower for public institutions related to finance


BIFC Mall (16,513㎡)

It is a commercial zone selling food, beauty products, etc. and promotes convenience for BIFC and resident organizations

Dynamic Culture Street

Dynamic Culture Street

A trendy walkway that connects BIFC to the Busan Bank station and cultural and commercial facilities



A zone for studio apartments, a convention center, business hotels, shopping malls, office towers, cultural facilities, community centers, etc.


The Korea Technology Finance Corporation(KIBO)(26,034㎡)

한국은행 부산본부

BOK Busan Head Office(5,988㎡)

부산은행 본점

Busan Bank Head Office(59,826㎡)